Nigga, Please.

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*pulls out a gun* give me all of your fucking neopoints

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what’s gucci tho

im not very good at giving compliments but dammit cody is amazing in every way. everybody has flaws but they make you what you are, and please cody dont focus on that because youre already too amazing. ive been following him since last year and i found it rlly easy to dislike someone but i still dont find a reason to not like him. he is not 16 guys, he wont take anything serious, and he’ll be honest. i bet he is grateful for every compliment, but what else do you expect? get over it he is amazing and i hope he gets lucky in his life and takes right decisions. <3 

thank you <33333
Anonymous has asked: Can you please post your playlist here ?

it’s on my blog, but :

  • Nicki Minaj - Right by my side.
  • The Mighty Boosh - Carrot & Corriander.
  • VIC - Wobble (baby)

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what are flaws omg
Asdfghjkl, awesome banner she made me!
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